Fireside Chat: Nick Wagler

Nick is the founder and operator of the Unidentified Wiki, a Wikia site dedicated to documenting and naming unidentified persons.


If you follow cases involving the unidentified, chances are you have probably used the Unidentified Wiki site. I caught up with site’s founder, Nick Wagler, to discuss:

  • His fascination with unidentified persons cases, which started when he was just 12 years old (Nick is 25 now).

  • The history behind the Unidentified Wiki, why he started it, and how it differs from Wikipedia.

  • His plans for growing the site and cataloging cases internationally and not just in the United States.

We, at Othram, are big fans of Nick and his site. We are also very appreciative of Nick and all the contributors that have chronicled previously unsolved cases that have utilized Othram technology. You can see some of those cases in their Othram Cases category section. Also be sure to check out complementary information for these cases, at the DNASolves site.